Solution for schools

Teacher-ClassroomWhat’s Dnevnik 16? platform for the management and organization of schools and universities. Web-based system includes the main modules and components needed for the overall organization of educational institutions. Its aim is to enable them to organize all learning processes by reducing paper and increasing control.

Advantages of Dnevnik16

Dnevnik16 provides the following functionalities:

Electronic diary – module, allowing the organization of assessments, observations and delays of students;
Weekly program – functionality that helps in developing the weekly programs, allowing easy change every time (simply by moving the mouse);
Internal messaging system – this module allows sending messages within the system, as well as sending an email between director, teacher, parent, student (rector, teacher, parent, student). Allows simultaneously send messages to all pupils / students of a certain class / group / class;

In the Dnevnik16 will find:

School hours
School program
module Staff
other modules


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