Dashboard Module

Dashboard system displays summary information about the system. Sub-modules show the daily reports: balance on objects on objects turnover, turnover of merchant and others. Setting the employee who sees what is done by the Administrator account.


With this module, your employees will be able to affect you to grant the necessary documents relating to the sale of your products, to transfer them to another site, and to review statistics for a specified period. Will be able to reflect payments by bank transfer, cash on delivery and online payment via credit and debit cards. You can create offers and orders, by selling a product. When creating a sale will generate neobodimite documents such as an invoice, invoice, packing slip, and others. Each offer can be sent by email as an attachment.

Мodule Restaurant

Restaurant module as speak his name used for restaurants and cafes. Enables rapid service to your customers, as well as fast access to information about your order by chefs and bartenders. The module allows to make several orders at a table, and arrange the tables in the system at their location in each hall of the restaurant.

Call Center Module

The module allows automatic dialing of phones from a database imported advance. Allows you to create, edit, delete and copy appointments displayed in calendar. Moving the meetings only with dragging.

There is an option to set the tasks of staff (only 1 office / team or several) that they dial through through the system. All put status updates on tasks and meetings can be viewed by the administrator.

May be listening conversations personnel, and reviewed statistics for number of calls and pauses between them.

Мodule Tools

Templates – The module allows you to create templates for documents used in the system, such as invoices, offers, protocols and others. They will be made for you in advance and you will be able to change them later.
Email client – This is a web-based email client connected to the database system in order to easily send and receive emails to your employees and contractors. Can add a signature to each individual account, and to easily send emails to system users.
File Manager – The module will serve for uploading, downloading, editing, grouping folders and file sharing between users of the system. Will be able to upload files even larger than 1GB. Access to each file or folder is determined by the system administrator. You can search the tree and easy to access a particular file. You can easily upload a file just by moving the file browser (Drag-n-Drop). The module also allows you to process images in the browser with a system functioning as Adobe PhotoShop.
Document – this module will be able to add new documents to be viewed and downloaded already uploaded, be grouped in folders and attach to a specific project. Will be able to set access rights to a document or group (folder) of documents to a certain type of users or specific (s) user (s).

Invoices module

With this module you can create online invoices and send them to your customers. You can display reports by date, counterparties and types of documents. You can enter your invoices received and other expenses. You have the option to generate files for NRA – a log of purchases, sales and VAT return. In a set period of time you can export invoices in the accounting program plus or minus. There is a possibility for integration with other accounting software, as AJUR-L and others.

Мodule Production

Module production takes care of the management of production processes in the company. It created the company’s products using / raw material and activities in their preprabotvane finished products. You can track inventory of manufactured goods and raw materials. Predpoprezhdava your system upon reaching the set threshold amount of a raw material to be able to obtain.

You can calculate the required materials / raw materials for the manufacture of certain quantities of needed products. Can be created and package products based on such made.

Reports module

This module gives you full statistics for all projects, revenues, expenses, goods movements, the actions of your employees in the system and others. statistics. Depending on the chosen modules, you can view the actions of your employees, as well as to check their correspondence through email or internal chat. The module also shows the trial balance in stores / sites to a specific date or time period. Can be visualized turnover and profits in months a year ago.

Module Storage

Inventory module allows supply management, inventory tracking and audits. Through it you can move goods from one warehouse to another or to a store by Acceptance Protocol. You can flock supply of materials, raw materials and / or products and to attach the invoice received from the supplier. You can at any time make a statement about the sites / stores / shops. You can track and amounts available in cash for each site / warehouse / store, transfer, download, or bring money and make daily reports.

Мodule Staff

The module allows you to manage your staff to note holidays, wages, advances, bonuses and others. It’s easy to search employees / candidates on specific criteria, and to determine which new job applicants are approved. Can be set requirements for applicants for each position. You can at any time to retrieve statistics for each employee individually about how many days worked during the year and how many remain.


API module for connecting with external systems

The module is used to connect to the production machines, cash registers, scales, and other online stores. For more information, you can contact us on our contacts.