Solution for hotels

hotelpersonalHotels16 is a web-based system that allows you to manipulating your hotel, motel, guest house, apartments and others. The software allows optimizing the work of organizing occupied / unoccupied rooms / apartments, Kakko at the same time manage their staff monitor the process of work in the hotel and it easy for yourself.
The advantages of Hotels16 are:


Reservation system for managing hotel accommodation from anywhere in the world.
Reservation forms the largest and most popular portals for tourism.
Automatic release of the room in absence of payment within 3 days before the date of arrival.
Accepting payments online through ePay, PayPal and credit / debit cards.
Different promotional prices for each season, holidays or other promotion.
Management of the hotel staff – wages, advances, benefits and payroll.
You always have information about the turnover of each of your hotel at any time from any headunit and everywhere.
Each reservation online through all channels is only in unoccupied rooms / apartments.
Management of sanitation of the room / apartment after departure.
Connection to external systems (,, etc.).
Free training.
Round the clock support system.
Free demo