Мodule Tools

Templates – The module allows you to create templates for documents used in the system, such as invoices, offers, protocols and others. They will be made for you in advance and you will be able to change them later.
Email client – This is a web-based email client connected to the database system in order to easily send and receive emails to your employees and contractors. Can add a signature to each individual account, and to easily send emails to system users.
File Manager – The module will serve for uploading, downloading, editing, grouping folders and file sharing between users of the system. Will be able to upload files even larger than 1GB. Access to each file or folder is determined by the system administrator. You can search the tree and easy to access a particular file. You can easily upload a file just by moving the file browser (Drag-n-Drop). The module also allows you to process images in the browser with a system functioning as Adobe PhotoShop.
Document – this module will be able to add new documents to be viewed and downloaded already uploaded, be grouped in folders and attach to a specific project. Will be able to set access rights to a document or group (folder) of documents to a certain type of users or specific (s) user (s).